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Nutritious Food for Dogs - Drooly

food with it’s own vitamins

Using our special formula, the Golden Recipe, Drooly has created a dog food like no other (read more about how that came to be here). Drooly dog food is backed by nutritional science and made only from healthy whole foods (double the industry standard). We are proud to say that the vitamins, nutrients, and prebiotics for healthy gut flora found in our food comes from real food—not supplements or add-ins.

Full and drool-worthy ingredients list below:

guaranteed analysis
Protein min = 10%
Fat min = 1.4%
Fiber max = 1.3%
Moisture max = 66.3%
Nutritious Dog Food - Aafco

Our Golden Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

Calorie Content:  1204 kcal per kg / 546 kcal per lb

our ingredients:

  • Ground Turkeyicon oi turkey
  • Chicken Liver icon oi liver
  • Chickpeas icon oi chickpeas
  • Cauliflower icon oi cauliflower
  • Buckwheat Flour icon oi buckwheat
  • Potato Flakes icon oi flakes
  • Carrots icon oi carrots
  • Sweet Potato icon oi sweetpot
  • Green Beans icon oi greenbeans
  • Sweet Yellow Corn icon oi corn
  • Green Peas icon oi peas
  • Blueberries icon oi blueb
  • Pumpkin Seeds icon oi pseed
  • Beef Liver icon oi bliver
  • Cod Liver Oil icon oi cod
  • Calcium Carbonate icon oi calciumc
  • Zinc Gluconate icon oi zinc
  • Kelp Powder icon oi kelp

what makes us so drool-worthy?

Drooly Logo
Texas Kitchen

Drooly is made in small batches in our Texas kitchen (#TexasProud) by our founders

Gently Steam-Cooked

Drooly is gently steam-cooked, protecting the nutritional value of our fresh ingredients.

Smells Delicious

Drooly meals are compact, easy-to-handle and smell delicious for humans and doggos alike.

Healthy Gut

Drooly knows that Buckwheat flour is a high natural source of soluble and insoluble fiber and prebiotics, which we use in our recipe to promote optimally helathy gut flora.

Other Brands


Others outsource to the lowest-bid factories, many of whom mass-produce dog foods for multiple large companies.


Others cook their foods at ultra-high temperatures, losing out on significant nutritional value.


Other meals arrive soupy, gravy-like and pack a pungent odor when opening.


Others do not focus on prebiotics or have any consideration of prebiotics in their formulas at all.  Many nutrients are added after the fact as supplements and other irritating additives.

Food Bowl - Quality Food for Dogs
Texas circle

small batch, big benefits

At Drooly, we honor and respect the vital process of small-batch, locally-made food for dogs. We are dedicated to keeping waste low, which also allows for incredible quality control which is evident in every bite.

Drooly prides itself on our personalized touch. Our local ingredients are gently steam cooked to preserve nutritional value, packaged with love, and delivered directly to your door.


duke & daisy

duke & daisy

QuoteDuke and Daisy have loved switching their food to Drooly. They are excited to eat now and they don’t leave anything left in their bowls. We have noticed that their fur is so much healthier and shiny! Even though they are 12.5 years old they have been running around and playing more! We love Drooly!Quote



QuoteThis dog has never been happier to eat some food, everyday she reminds me when it’s time to eat. Cupcake has been enjoying her meals and has more energy than ever before. She’s also gained a few pounds.Quote



The sweetest cuddler

QuoteWith Drooly we have a noticed an energy increase, he is genuinely excited when it’s feeding time and it’s helped with his fur. Feeding time is also easier since the food doesn’t have a weird scent and extra liquids that many other wet foods for dogs tend to have.Quote



QuoteDrooly’s well-balanced nutrition recipe e.g., increase in energy, improve in the texture of coat, etc. To my surprise, I actually noticed those changes after a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this product. Drooly is truly Texas-made with lots of love!Quote



QuoteOnce he started to eat Drooly, we noticed increased energy levels and shine of his coat. Jackson toned up and now is excited when it’s meal time. We would highly recommend it!Quote



the one der dog

QuoteWithin days of feeding my pup Drooly Dog Food, I noticed her youthful energy returning and after about a month of Drooly Dog Food, her tumor was actually shrinking. Quote